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#this scene is everything#because yes he faints at her nakedness#but first and foremost he isn’t shocked that she is naked#no he calls out her name like that because he knows that’s her#and she looks so out of it#and it takes him calling her name for her to come through to her real self#he makes sure that she is okay#he even reaches for his father’s jacket#and then almost as if it is an afterthought#he realizes she is naked#and then yep he faints at her beauty#but he doesn’t lust after her in her time if need#he just observes that she is naked#and well he is just overwhelemed#and he falls over#but still i just really like that he is more suprised that she is okay#not that she is naked#i love this scene so much (via stileslydiamartinstilinski)

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After heavy demand, here is the video for Dylan O’Brien at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

I find this adorably funny because he seems to be caught so flat-footed, like he never even thought about what to say. I can’t decide whether he was flustered because he didn’t think he deserved it or just unprepared because he honestly didn’t expect it, lol.


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